• larry72 10w

    Tired of explaining

    I can't explain
    I'll take the blame
    For what is mine
    Only in time
    This life I live
    Forever I'll give
    As my gift grows
    The more I do glow
    People don't understand
    Even after you explain
    Really pointless
    Makes you feel insane
    Explain and explain
    Why I've felt all this pain
    Why I am who I am
    They think it's all just a game
    Over and over, round and round
    Fuck'em all, I'll not make a sound
    I try really hard not to put'em down
    Tired of the shit
    Tired of the hell
    I'm better off all by myself
    People that's real
    People that's true
    Their worth is priceless
    They relate to you
    Tired of explaining
    Tired of reliving
    Tired of replacing
    Tired of neverending
    Life is hard but life is true
    Life is whatever you make it
    As it belongs to you

    Tired of explaining...