• mshalini 9w

    Love & scar

    Why loving someone gives so much of pain
    Why are these insecurities aggravating inside a hurricane
    Is loving from a soft pounding heart a crime
    Trusting blindly and having feeling for the unloving reflection is it fine
    This whole process seems okay externally but grows in brain as benign
    What is letting go meant for,to forget what we desired for
    For self being it is fine to move on,but can't even hold a second of anger on the loved one not matter what passes on
    Why we become anxious while not getting a text or call picked on
    Is it fair to love the person not loving you as you deserve to be looked upon
    It's not like getting obsessed,or wanting a yes from their side only
    It's a state of happiness which is beyond explanation without expectation instead of getting avoided and bad words it's not about self respect it's a pure sided love only
    Everything is fair in love and war and the wounded heart is always ready for the next scar & still revive to beat as hoping for a single smile to adore