• seacaptain1964 6w


    Beware Of The Night of the Demons of new Babylon.
    Beware Of The Night and darkness of new Babylon.
    Beware New Babylon of the dawn of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
    Beware of the dark when the light is gone of Jesus Christ.
    For there's a phantom lust awake by Satan's New Babylon.
    Satan wanna make you bend and scream and lust of this world we live in.
    Demons wanna take your hand and lead you away from the light and lead you to wickedness and deception.
    Don't let them take you for a ride of evil.
    Do not forget the cross in the Lord Jesus Christ tonight.
    Do not let your carnal lust prevail tonight in the world we live in.
    The light of Christ is in you and it will prevail tonight.
    Demons come to life at night and take command of the night .
    Demons come at night and try to bring an end to life and soul but they will not prevail do tonight.
    Whoa Whoa tonight.
    Beware of the fire in their eyes.
    Demons are sinners best friend tonight when they sold their soul tonight.
    Be aware of their former thriven lies.
    For there is truth of salvation in Jesus Christ.
    For they make a freedom loving world and True Believer in Christ darkened ritual of lies and evil tonight.
    Demons will turn you Antidote of evil.
    Jesus willl come to resurrect the True Believer in the sky tonight.
    And wave the unrepentant Wicked sinner goodbye tonight.
    Let their sin and wickedness take command tonight.
    Whoa Whoa
    The cause of all sin in the dark is carnal is demonic Dynamite tonight.
    Demons come at night to bring the end tonight.
    And when you sleep haunted the night .
    Demons come at night to take life and soul tonight and command the night.
    Demons threaten the True Believer in Christ tonight.
    Demons make their stand against Christ tonight.
    But Christ will bring the light against the wicked demons and will bring an end to them tonight.
    Christ will conquer the demons tonight and will bring light to Darkness tonight.