• tara_101_online 10w


    Growing, meaning getting older,
    Ageing older, looking older, thinking older,
    And feeling older.
    Panic in how my future will go.
    Questions run through my brain.
    How do I face the dread of tomorrow?
    How am I supposed to cope?

    Where are my hope and faith?
    Where do I go from here?
    What is my existence of life?
    What is my purpose?
    When do I fly from the bird's best?

    How will I be without those who helped,
    Centuries and generations pass away,
    A society grows functionally
    but is the same old same old in future.
    Those you loved to miss many days.

    No hope. More dreams.
    Sitting at the window as time passes by,
    Through my rearview, minutes turn to hours.
    Hours turn to years and years to decades.
    Nothing anyone can do to stop the time.