• dawnfaith 9w


    The arts of body movement and possession of passion the clicking of heels sliding across the floor

    The sound of shoes matching the pace
    The clapping of hands as she twirls around

    The red dress glittering in the light Making it look like fireworks

    But tango goes way beyond that
    My tango is inside a cage dancing for a mafia man and customers

    Until I meet a bartender who's sweet and kind
    He takes risk like it's nothing but where did he come from

    We fall in love secretly but the Mafia knows and I escape with him but the price is simple


    He passes me a cup saying "You are worth the risk" He lifts the cup but i stop him saying

    "One last kiss for living please"

    He smiles leaning in "One last kiss until sunrise"

    We drink the poison but i can still remember that bartender smile and name

    "My name is Zeke, Who are you?"

    "My name is Meg, Thank you Zeke"

    -Zeke The eldest brother out of the Stale four