• nishurastogi 11w

    This is ironical veracity of human society,
    They don't trust you when you speak truth
    And blindly believe when you speak lie.

    Sometimes you try harder to make sure that
    what are you saying is reality but people
    understand only what they want to.
    They really never care about your words and
    your feelings too.

    Ultimately, when you become tired of arguing,
    you accept, "that's okey!, you are right, I am wrong."
    You do this only because you just don't want to make the situation more worse.

    Here, I would like to share my own experience, As from last few weeks I am reading a book on psychology and trying my best to understand human nature in different situations.

    Do you know, according to a study, approx 80% people never reveal their actual feeling before anyone because they have fear that no one will
    understand them and will make their humour.
    They try their best to hide their feeling by saying,"I am fine is the biggest lie they speak.

    Asking for help or reveal feelings is not a misdeed.
    Crime occurs when you don't tell anything to anyone.
    No matter it has been done with yourself or others.
    Misdemeanor take place when people deny to understand their feelings.
    Mostly people is out here to listen you, you just have to present yourself in front of them fearlessly, without any hesitation.

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