• poetryporn 115w

    My life

    Didn't you say you love me?
    A promise broken. You say. I will never leave you.
    Did you see how our story ends.
    My love is not a joke.
    My feelings are not to be played with.
    A heart that's broken can never be mended.
    Just remember. You left a scar. Deeper than the oceans.
    I wish there is a medicine. A remedy for this nightmare.
    You said. I love you. But did you didn't mean it.
    I tried. But what could I do. Fate didn't want us to be together.
    You said. Let's take break up.
    There was no stopping you. Does it have to be like this?
    Life so short.
    I saw my future with you. Sad that you didn't.
    Did I treat you that bad?
    At least you could have said. Never would I mind.
    Everyone makes mistakes.
    Did you give me a chance to mend them?