• phoenicorn 5w

    30 June' 2020

    Copyright 2020| It's Okay To Be Not Okay. Korean Drama.

    A drama portraying world from mental health issues patients. A story of An Antisocial Personality Disorder Fierce and Strong Children Fantasy Book Writer Female Lead and Stoic and handling everything keeping smile with hell lot of pent up emotions inside Male Lead. Both dealing with past traumas in their own ways. A compelling stories of side characters seeing world from their point of view through animations and imaginary world. I am really applauding for writers and director for compelling and truthful to core screenplay.

    #ItsOkayToBeNotOkay #PsychoButItsOkay #KimSooHyun #SeoYeJi #Kdrama #tvN #koreandrama #mentalhealthissues #mentalhealth

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