• pplaidshirt 9w

    A Lot Like Me


    You’ve such familiar eyes

    Ones which perfectly resemble mine.

    But this blood dripping from your nose

    Your disheveled hair and the soiled clothes.


    Where were you all this while?

    Why is that you no longer smile?

    I see that you can still cry

    When my own tears have all dried.


    Are those tears out of sorrow?

    Are you worried you might not have a tomorrow?

    But here I stand, you can see me

    Your future that I am and will be.


    You and me, we have run across miles

    And both our feet have faltered a few times

    Have you decided that you can’t even walk anymore

    Is that really you I see sulking on the floor?


    Your warm blood rushes through my vien

    Only the dried tracks of your tears remain.

    But your eyes fail to recognise me

    It wasn’t just sorrow which drowned us

    Do you agree?