• fkarathore 23w


    I am a gentleman who is also a fuckboy.
    The gentleman is for the ones who respect love
    For the gold diggers, Bitches, for me, you're just a sex toy.
    You wanna dig money???
    You know I just spend them only to get wasted and watch a life of Kenny.
    I will rather burn millions to just to keep my body warm in a winter night
    Then to insert in your STD consisting vagina a single penny.

    My looks don't make me feel the gap.
    That's why I try to speak my feels out through the words of my rap.
    Babe my dick needs a flick, to go in my pant for a nap.
    Then trying to drill what's already in the quill.
    Numbering some fucking fishy hubby's in your lap.
    Ohh, fuck it... Cause my those days are gone. 38 D? I ain't even gonna look at it. Forget, out of courtesy I will still suck it.