• talesbyaweirdo 10w


    It's been two decades since our vows,
    Twenty years of togetherness,
    Living in this house,
    Yet today we are strangers.
    Gone is the love we'd once shared,
    But weathers every storm
    This home we'd built of that love.
    The words between us have exhausted,
    I know you've found someone else,
    And accepting it
    Has been my way of finding solace.
    We don't argue any more,
    For really
    There is nothing more to say.
    These walls have been witness
    To all that has broken down in the years that came and went.
    Yet we continue a farce we should've ended long ago,
    For easier it is to pretend that we are whole.
    In the depths of the night,
    The pretenses wear me down,
    My mind wonders about what went wrong;
    Lying alone in our room,
    I think about you in the arms of another
    And miss your drugging touches in the dark.
    Just like that,
    Solace is lost,
    My heart aches,
    And twenty years flash behind my eyes,
    Taking me back to our first dance,
    The roses in the park,
    The promises for better or worse,
    Whispering ‘till death do us part',
    In our haste,
    Love can fade away before a lifetime's up.