• shreyashidutta_ 22w


    The sun and the moon and the stars and the sky are there,
    just like before,
    somewhere we changed,
    better to say,
    circumstances changed our perspectives,
    world around us changed our attitude,
    people changed out thoughts,
    society changed our outlook,
    somewhere our vision got fade amidst the colours of the world,
    challenges brought newer version of courage in us,
    got motivated,
    got devastated,
    saw every shade of life,
    no stone remained unturned,
    the phenomenon of learning always seems to be new,
    experience is indeed the best teacher,
    the coolest one too,
    some breaks and some mends,
    some takes a new path,starts a new journey,
    time never stops,nor do we,
    moving on is the hymn of survival,
    storm comes,
    checks our patience,
    some pass with a merit certificate,
    some fails,
    some are least bothered,
    results scares,
    still we awaits for it,
    the stars which used to be a learning tool for counting,
    now appears a mere celestial body,
    the sun irritates,
    the moon is no longer our favourite uncle and the sky no more motivates.
    from swapping of emotions to change in behaviour,
    no milestones were there,
    changes just happened,
    after all it is what the time demands.