• penned_imperfections 4w


    Anxiety and I have a troublesome bond,
    All it takes is just one taunt.
    One trigger, my self esteem withers.
    One fight, clouded becomes my sight.
    One shock, and I stiffen as a rock.
    Anxiety is like a sharp blade,
    The scars on your arms forever made.
    Anxiety is like a dozen bricks on your chest,
    Leaving you mentally drained and emotionally suppressed.
    Fast heartbeats and heavy breaths,
    Don't even get me started on the nauseatic unrest.
    It feeds on insecurities and thrives on self doubt,
    It's a lingering shadow that never truly comes out.
    It's a toxic friend that never leaves me alone,
    But then again it's with it that I've grown.
    It's hard to imagine life without something that's been with you since the beginning,
    But with it, is life really worth living?

    ~ JAV