• al_writes 6w

    Achievements (II)

    There was a time when I was sick, mentally sick. I don't remember when it actually started but it was hurting me and now I can proudly say that I fought what got me chained. I am beautiful and I don't care about opinions anymore. I know my worth, I am not worthless like I used to think. I am loved and I no longer feel insecure for I found my self confidence back. My insecurities made me question myself each and every time, it made me do shit I regret. When I look back it pains me as how could I let myself fall in the trap of depression? Yet, now I'm living, without those negative feelings. I'm no more that girl,I feel like a new person with a new mindset. Maybe this is what growth is about?
    Being a prisoner of your own thoughts is horrible but it's you and only you who can find the power to fight for yourself.
    You don't have to live for anybody but you.
    And at the end of the day it's your happiness and only yours that matters.