• fayello 6w

    To My Precious Fable

    My heart will always beat for you
    My love will always be dedicate to you
    My emotions will always be centered around you
    My thoughts will always think of you
    My feelings will mold love just for you

    And in this heart of mine
    I will put pictures all over the place
    To always look at that beautiful face of yours
    Reminding myself of how precious you are to me
    And how much I ought to cherish you

    And my love will be meant for you
    Caring and affectionate will I be
    For you are the damsel of my heart
    And deserve just the best
    So a grand display of love will it always be

    And my emotions will be like a storm
    But endless it will always be
    Rampaging each bit of me
    So I will never forget how it first felt to say be mine
    It will consume me whole and make me yours

    And my thoughts will value you
    Building memories each day
    So as to always have you on my mind
    They will think of you all day long
    Reminding me of your voice and looks

    And then my feelings will establish a breach
    So I will always be able to get to you
    They will give me wings
    when I feel like your presence is too far off
    They will entangle me in a web just for you to have me