• whisperss 6w

    Branches That Won't Wake Up

    She looked hard and well at the reflection she saw in the mirror.
    "Who am I really?" she murmured...
    An ominous howl came from her backyard. It was her first Halloween alone. Being a skeptic, she stayed put staring at herself intently. "Stop eating so much Jessie... you gained 15 pounds in two months." She was always speaking to herself negatively. As if she were this horrid excuse for a human. She missed her mother so much. It had been over two years since she had seen her. But things weren't going so well at home, so moving was the only option. From an abusive step father to a useless and pathetic mother, she had not one person to count on but herself. Even so, she knew she wasn't the best choice of person to rely on either. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZZ
    "Darn", she had forgotten her cellphone in her room and was sure that her boyfriend was calling yet again.
    "Hey babe, sorry I was taking a shower."
    "Oh really?? Are you sure you weren't looking at your stupid fat again in that worn down mirror of yours?! I called you more than 10 times Jess, what the fuck."
    "I'm sorry Skylar."
    "Sorry my ass....clean yourself again, I bet when I go to pick you up, you'll still smell like cheap perfume anyway."
    She knew she deserved better, she knew she didn't deserves to be spoken to in such a disrespectful way. Just for a little longer and you'll be fine, is what she kept repeating to herself every night.
    Her lights flickered simultaneously.
    A long desperate screech came from her front yard this time. She ran instinctively and unlocked the front door....only to find that it wasn't desperate at all. But rather a scream you hear when watching a horror film alone late at night. Little did she know that this was only the beginning of the game. Up until now she thought her body dysmorphia was her biggest issue, but now with her boyfriend sprawled on the sidewalk....pale and lifeless. She knew that her past was coming to haunt her.