• ikigaii 6w

    Verse 1

    The Breaking of Chrysalis
    Trying to sleep through the caterwaul
    I'm just a porto centric lisboan
    Searching the colourama from the moon
    For you live in sectoral heterochromia

    You're the avant garde of faces and hearts
    And digoxin for my premature ventricular contractions
    The man in the moon has been in exile
    And his home has been adopted by your smile

    Now the chrysalis is breaking
    The butterfly is leaving
    Here she comes on the palanquin
    With the open largesse, does she have love for me too

    Regretting my existence is so,
    Malleable and fungible to you
    And so this arrythymiac is rhapsodic
    Yet I'm so falderal.

    The Chrysalis ia breaking
    The butterfly is leaving
    And I'm stirring back.
    ~ avani

    I wrote it from the perspective of a schizophrenic orphan, who dreams of meeting his mother, while the moon is his only friend, it's his way to meet her someday, to ask her, why she left him to die?

    The other meaning of this verse is related with a drunkard who works at a Harbor, with a failed relationship, he tries to swallow down his meaningless existence without her.

    If you have any other meaning to this, I'd be very happy to hear it!

    Until then

    Stay safe and warm
    With love


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    Happy Birthday Taylor Swift ����

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