• the_relinquished_child 5w

    Dear Mine

    Dear Mine,

    I want to make love to you
    With cinnamon sugar coated words
    Sliced anecdotes
    Bearing deeds of agony and Triumph.

    I want to dance the night away in your arms
    Sealing the space in between
    For I don't want to birth communication gaps
    I want none of that burden.

    I want to stimulate
    Your intellect and mine
    And watch it inch towards
    A cataclysmic orgasm

    I want to wake up to your morning breath
    Entwined in mutual embrace
    Drooling hope
    And basking in indestructible trust.

    I want to satiate your cravings
    Caress your ego
    Mould the towering ambition
    Expecting to be compensated for the same.

    I want to savour every bit
    Of your untamed outbursts
    And your zen like focus
    As we sync in turbulent coexistence.

    I do not want all sunshine and daffodils
    Perhaps a cloud burst or two
    As we scramble to approve our lapses
    And watch the rain wash away broken promises and tears too.

    And when we depart
    Traces of love tattooed and scattered
    Adieus drenched in respect
    Know that it was a solid saga
    Cause my dictionary doesn't hold phrases broken mid sentence
    My rational mind sucking upto forever
    And forever it will be
    That you are mine.