• thestoned_divine 6w

    All the hourglasses of sand flowing through veins
    Ever believed in Illuminati?
    They seem to proclaim birds don't exist they are just flying drones of USA's brains
    Shadows they were never our friends they are just the trapped version of our true selves
    Pain it's just a way of how strong do you mold yourself
    Sand castles over lonely deserts, is it a mirage or is the desert playing mental games
    Just how our govt. deceives the common people
    Like how easy it is to relate when you are sabotaged by the human faith
    We consider ourselves the most intellect race
    Haha what a shame we can't even protect our own home planet
    Drunk on power and fame we corrupted ourselves in the shittiest way
    Sadness"it breaks my heart to say we are just scums we will be the end of our own formed games"