• kin_jo 6w

    Can't forget our day and night conversation
    How you fought your battle with a heroic smile
    Never you let anyone judge you
    Nor you showed anyone your weak side
    All you were known by a joker
    Who just know to spread smiles.

    Forgetting what this year brought us to
    20/10/2020 etched In my heart
    Forever and ever. ..because it's the day
    I talked to you for the last time
    Today you did wish me Birthday in advance
    Told me all that, I thought was just a timely thing
    And you will be back in few hours with the same zist
    Wish I had not ignored and talked to you little more
    But the mail which says all
    Here I am left empty in this fall
    Reading the poem over and over again
    All I wanna say hope I meet you soon again

    Wherever you are brother..I am sure you are in peace
    Kinjoo loves you to the core.
    I forgot my real name...been used to called kinjoo by you.
    Now that even your account is gone.
    I am just left alone

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    I miss you