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    PS: A dream I saw a few days back.
    Interpretations are invited.

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    Who Was He. Who Is He.

    Last night I had a dream.
    I floated above my bed & debarked into a majestic realm of pinnacles, veneered with glistening white snow.

    There's snow everywhere.
    It's kind of an edge of a cliff or something.
    A high summit, camouflaged with mystic veils of obscure clouds.

    First I see myself walking on the snow,
    The sun's just rising... kinda 6 a.m.
    It's glittering in the snow & it's bewitching.
    But there is a chilly wind blowing..
    I can feel in my sleep.

    Then I come across some stony steps, ruined, & there I stop.
    I see a man, sitting, brooding, reflecting & smiling.
    His hair is matted & his garment is coarse.
    His mien is tranquil & his tone is lucent.

    His beam is enchanting as the Aurora behind him & his countenance is serene as amity...

    "Enunciation wasn't the way we communed for utterance is a taboo if you seek Renunciation."

    & when the mascot of illusion seems to have waned, like the digit of aeon, faintly overt, my conundrums have faded too..

    I sit in front of him, as if in a trance.
    He applies some dust like stuff on his arms.

    "The Space He Covers He Says It's Night..
    & The Space He Leaves He Says It's Day."

    Now I just feel an ethereal presence
    & it calms me down..

    I have seen in my dream...
    Am sitting in front of Him.