• meh_reen 6w

    If only barren eyes would unfold again, in that blessed land
    morning glow would erase every pain, in that blessed land

    12 'o' clock would always sway mist from a winter day
    While uhud stands guard carving gold chain, in that blessed land

    Every prayer circles the heart of the holy house
    heart yearns to kiss the soils till nafs is slain, in that blessed land.

    Gentle breeze enwrapped with peace that heals the wounds
    glimpses of green dome what awe contain, in that blessed land.

    Starry nights midst realms of silence echo the call "my nation"
    Souls that climb the ladder, shall pinnacle attain in that blessed land.

    Be patient, O dear, now if not in this world
    Longing is worthy than worldly gain, in that blessed land.