• pandubooram 16w

    I was born on
    23 October 4004 bc ago
    I gave many births
    From your
    Grandparents to grandchildren's
    Day By day
    I am getting worse
    Not old but bad
    Which leads to my death
    But betta
    u are in me
    I can't tolerate With
    Your death..
    I am requesting
    You to save
    My children
    Lovable forests
    Don't dig plastic&E-waste
    Into me I can't digest it
    Don't use chemicals
    My water changing its
    Molecular stability
    My air changes Its
    Atmospheric composition
    My food losing
    It's rich resources in it
    My creatures in
    Forest losing their homes
    Animals&birds are endangering
    U know wt
    You are in a CHAIN
    Their are your cousins
    Inorder to save yourself
    Save them
    Save me.