• aliara 31w

    The smile on my lips
    is forced and coerced
    I pretend to pay attention
    give the best possible advice
    everyone praises me
    I'm so kind, polite and nice
    It's all just automation
    I rarely actually listen
    certainly don't care
    all I'm doing
    is playing human
    blending in
    fitting in
    I'm so perfectly hidden
    you'll never even
    see a curtain
    , from where I stand
    Majoring in social events
    Put on a pedestal
    for computing with you
    I'm so perfectly hidden
    smiling from time
    to time Labeling those
    with all sincerity
    open soldiery
    Passing along an appeal
    continuing to fit in
    blend in
    force program
    Is it just me or
    am I the perfect human?

    ~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~