• genevievemei 5w

    The wind softly blows,
    And the sounds of the meadows.
    The lovely scent of air,
    And warm colours of nature.

    It was freedom for her,
    Once in a while, her small escape.
    Into a quiet place,
    Where only she and nature stood.

    Her white dress in contrast of the warm colours,
    She was like an angel, who fell onto Earth.
    Her smile was sincere, and it belonged,
    Nature would accept her, like family long lost.

    Suddenly voices came, and she ran,
    Deeper and deeper, away from them.
    Afraid and lonely, she wanted to escape,
    Even if she's lost, she'll find her way.

    Finding herself at a pond,
    The waters glistering under the sunlight.
    Her hands touched the cool water,
    And she felt at ease, amidst the havoc.

    She wanted to stay forever,
    And make the place her home.
    But she knew the men would find her,
    So she ran further into the woods.


    "A short and quiet escape, the lovely feeling of solitary and nature, is already enough for me."

    9th October, 2019

    #meadows #pond #nature #poetrywednesday #pod

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