• luthfulahi 5w

    The Night Is Dark

    For the night is dark and full of terror

    For the days are long and full of errors

    For friends are much and coupled with tenure

    For families are nice and braced to endure

    All these makes most lives seems imperfect

    And at times presents a life to the world as perfect

    For days and numbered and we grow older

    For the night are counted and we won't remain younger

    For deceit is around and the world looks for miracle and


    For the truth is here but the universe doesn't bother

    Of what good is life if we can't make the best of it

    When we see worst situation and voice it

    But life doesn't get better if we keep complaining

    Until we make the best out of worst situation life isn't

    worth living

    But what else is worth living if not life

    Even though it is filled with lie

    It seems every man has no choice but to move on with life

    And make the best out of it while he can

    Cos the world works best for those who say "YES I CAN