• rebelpjones 11w

    A Shift In Time

    You there submerged within these words listen please,
    This current time and reality
    is not what it seems,
    The celestial music from beyond the clouds Is not a happy frequency...

    The toxic sky Giants venom lingers,
    Seven scarabs released from deaths cage return for the cataclysmic end
    As we crucify ourselves for what others believe...

    There are few whom thrive to interpolate our thoughts,
    demons amongst men,
    regret ye shall,
    when the tongues of serpents bleed...

    Diluted blood of the pure of soul will not do, it will flow from the lips of the wicked, not knowing they are fools...

    Queens and Kings and elite few in between shall partake in hanging their souls on the crucifix to burn amongst the flames of lakes that forever embers,
    Fore your bloodline shan't exist
    if we are truly our history...

    The sky shall fall
    and once again
    life and death
    will happen again...

    The face you see
    in the waters ripples belongs
    to you in all it's changes for eternity...

    We exist amongst an ever changing plane until we complete the task we came here for...

    Don't you see?

    Can't you hear?

    It calls for you from somewhere deep
    That's the voices of  your past haunting the coming future in attempt to make you repeat your history...