• srayosihazra 6w

    The Reawakening

    In the realm of life;
    Got nothing but flight.
    Flight of everyone ;
    Near, far , above , below;
    Everything now felt shallow,
    People who promised of a lifetime,
    Showed there colours;
    In the difficult times.
    Nothing can be called MINE;
    All the the plans are of the DIVINE.
    The soul was crying in pain ,
    Everyone disappeared;
    In the times of despair.
    How will I ? Oh how will I ?
    Trust anyone, anymore;
    In the eclipse of the blair;
    Pieces and cuts it has all around,
    It bleeds with the sound.
    You are precious to be found;
    Oh Self Rise Up, till you are Deafening;
    A symphony of the millions,
    Millions who need help,
    Traitors who led them ,
    Houses who fled them,
    A Direction Found;
    To be a VOICE of the Dumb mouths.

    -------- Srayosi