• onetosearch 6w

    Shout out to @the_gladiator . They have unintentionally reawakened my passion for poetry and inspired me to write again, bringing me out of my hiatus. I'm really grateful for them and their poems, which are so deep in meaning and beautiful in nature. I have enjoyed analyzing their poems and commenting my thoughts, and I've received amazing commentary from them on my own work. I highly suggest you check them out!

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    Passion Reawakened

    You have awakened within me an intellectual beauty I have doubted.
    You have ignited a fire, a new passion.
    I had tossed away my poems - their potential meanings and interpretations had been rendered useless.

    I have loved, and I now love them endless.
    I have become a new poetess, a writer bound to her works,
    But at the same time, I've become bound to discover
    The meaning of words such as yours.

    I had been on hiatus, uninspired and lost
    Through the times of tribulation,
    A suffering that resulted in immediate death of the thoughts I had once possessed.

    You reawakened a love, a passion;
    If your poems be the sun,
    Let mine be the moon.
    I shall reflect the beauties you've awakened,
    And I shall find refuge in your endless inspiration.

    You reawakened a love, a passion;
    If your poems be the sky,
    Let mine be the Earth.
    I shall try to aim to your level,
    And at the horizons, we shall always be equal.
    Let my thoughts convey my meanings,
    And your thoughts convey your own;
    These thoughts so equal,
    But penned and reviewed so that we may learn more.

    I do hope that the sky shall love the Earth's words,
    Just as the Earth looks to the sky.
    I do hope the sun shall remember the moon,
    Even when the moon vanishes sometime.

    You've reawakened a passion,
    Which shall reign
    Until my hands be no more and the ink no longer works.