• scaredycat 6w

    You took too long

    For far too long I waited so patently
    While You moved entirely too slow,
    Waiting for me to be the first
    To come forward
    It could've taken me an eternity,
    Just in case you didn't know.

    It took a wedge to separate our egos
    And some bars to maintain our divide,
    But interconnected we've been
    gracefully weaved,
    So distance wasnt enough to sever,
    No matter how hard it Tried.

    Now I sit stagnated in a cloud of angst and missunderstandings,
    Painfully confused and almost willing to give up this time for good,
    But how can that be when I worked so hard to get where we've gotten
    I thought I'd be more pleased,
    perhaps I was wrong,
    So maybe I should.