• azhimomi 10w

    A spectator in my own Home

    Left alone with four walls
    Yearning for a companion
    Starving for attention
    Yet left unattended

    Clothes, food and dolls I get
    Yet none to share or play with
    Dad's too busy out; mom's too busy in
    Roving alone makes me insane

    Space I get enough
    Time with time not enough
    Starving for their love and attention
    Yet they knew not my resentment

    Loneliness kills me daily
    My complaints kills them daily
    None knew whom to blame
    Yet none solicit to solve

    I'm a mere spectator in my own home
    Probing their errors and mine
    A notion that I'm loved is a fallacy
    For love without time and attention is not my analogue!