• _snow_flake_ 6w

    _Her side of the bed_

    I wouldn't say we never made it to the list of destined lovers,
    With the kind of love a few of Ed Sheeran songs seemed to be tailor-made for.
    I've seen it all.
    I've seen us coming undone.
    I've seen the two glasses full of wine waiting.
    I've seen food getting cold.
    I've heard the ticking of clock,
    Being played in sync with every time I blinked.
    I've heard the slamming of the front doors.
    I've heard the air squeezed out of our lungs,
    taking shapes of words poisoned with love.
    And so very often on the days
    when the flame of love began to flicker.
    I've stayed awake ,and afraid.
    I've seen her side of the bed empty.
    I've rubbed my hands against the spotless, lifeless sheet with zero creases.
    I've missed the mess it once used to be.
    I've missed my other half of the bed,
    I've missed the life I shared with the
    other half of me..