• nobodyjacobs 6w

    Another Tool

    Do you want to know what I hate I mean really fucking hate its a god damn waist of my time for me to stop what I am doing just so some piece of crap product or an APP in a device wants my time by asking me to rate it more like rape me of my thoughts at the time some soulless parasite an automaton display of total bloody nonsense making me loose my control and screwing up my motherfucking jackoff or getoff or what the fuckoff. What am I being a sarcastic asshole why you think and who you looking at bitch is what I would say so just keep pushing that shopping cart with all or everything you own in it
    and don't think of arguing
    dipshit just because it ain't
    you now only means one thing
    my vision of you is whats to come
    so don't waist my time any longer
    I need to get back to why I hate