• the_blazing_phoenix 10w

    Blast from the darkest shadows of the past,
    Lighting up the skies and hearts with sheer exuberance,
    Burning down the evils with extreme prejudice,
    Exquisitely beautified everywhere with the lighting of Diyas, creating a pathway of bliss,
    Blazing flames of victory lifting the spirits,
    Smiles shining bright with the sparkles of joy,
    Reuniting with the kith and kin,
    Skyrocketing happiness as every moment is cherished and imprinted inextricably in the memory lane,
    Dancing to the heart's content along with the music of celebration that never stops,
    Making the day more colourful and vibrant with the spectrum of positivity,
    The day of glory, grandeur and greatness: Deepavali.

    Happy Deepavali (Diwali) to all of you, my dear artists!. May the festival of lights light up your lives, and ignite a spark within!.❤️��⭐��������

    Sending you loads of love to you all!❤️❤️❤️

    - The Blazing Pheonix

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    The Festival of Lights, Glory and Grandeur