• _sulagna 5w


    The staircase to the terrace was wet,
    Yesternight's rain made it slippery.
    I ran upon the stairs to the rooftop,
    My bare feet could feel the water.

    I had a diary with me,
    But I left the pen downstairs.
    My bad, I couldn't even write,
    I didn't want to go back again.

    That day, in a corner,
    Under the not so bright sky.
    I sat, much freely and calmly,
    A feeling that I never had before.

    I stared up there, the "to be gazed at" sky,
    Wished for some raindrops,don't know why.
    Cause, somewhere down the paths,
    I didn't want the sun to come.

    I waited there and wanted,
    Some raindrops on my back.
    And wanted it to assure me,
    That peace comes,but very slowly.

    But I realized that, not everything we get,
    Is what we always wished or waited for,
    Doesn't matter how many years we wait,
    No everything we get, what we'd long for.

    I wanted the sky to be a bit serene,
    To rain , to make me feel some peace.
    But how can I forget that peace comes,
    But very slowly,like unfulfilled wishes and bliss.