• penny_love 6w

    Less Often

    He was always loss
    Lots on terrors plots
    I chose the cheapest wine,
    ruffled under a doona cover
    I dreamt of changing myself and the world
    with all its possibilities
    And wouldn't you know it
    Thats exactly what I had done and did
    I found new viewpoints
    people were mostly parasites
    then I only had to choose
    Where to again begin
    Tossed around like noone

    I wandered happy around
    And found
    loss in all the onlookers faces
    Who would only leer and sneer
    The most expensive versions cheer
    Of who I am and am to become.

    I wanted death less often
    I wanted love less often
    I wanted truth less often

    In all their honesty and lies
    I differentiated the why in
    whitewashed falls
    It had no connection
    between the two of us
    United souls
    Me and you