• alisdaire_ocaoimph 5w


    When parables to the wind set sail
    Crosses that firmament of divide
    Places its soft hand upon your lips
    And there dances you around
    Where twin the billowing winds
    Push forth the dreams of hope
    And like a surgeon with precision cuts
    Sweeps across the thoughts and replace
    Each torn painful saddened thought
    Away into oblivion .
    When night to day dreams its own interplay
    And the world swivels to the pitch
    Remember deep the lost mystery
    That once was yourself, know
    The sweet visions that once flew your dreams
    Still caresses the soul within
    To that wonder those prolific dreams
    That once made you whole.
    Everythings done in 3/4s these days
    Few give the 100%.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph