• king_brrzzy 6w


    My pupil enlarging
    Most definitely for the wrong motives
    Pretending to be innocent
    And harmless yet harmful

    But looking you straight into those
    Beautiful brown eyes
    Knowing very well what's racing on my mind
    Sculpting you from head to toes like
    Blind man sculpting his wife

    Not hesitant to undress you with my
    Naked eyes
    Slowly I untie your bra
    Surprise!! A pink coloured one
    Like you know my, 100% weakness

    The Bibles says I've already sinned
    By just looking at her
    With a sexual appetite
    Matthew 5:28

    Baby girl  I want not to make
    Love with you or to you
    All I want is to FUCK you!!

    I am sorry

    A strong sexual desire
    The first brick to RAPE