• the_unreal_tale 30w


    Curtains rise
    Scene 1 - A young girl herding horses.
    Scene 2 - She goes missing. Dead body found after 5 days.
    Scene 3 - Brutally raped, tortured and murdered.
    Scene 4 - Social media frenzy. Another youth uprising.


    Scene 5 - Candle March to India gate.
    Scene 6 - political head honchos blame each other. Slogans raised.
    Scene 7 - Issue romanticized further by making it a hindu Muslim delimma.
    Scene 8 - Interest in the case slowly dies.
    Scene 9 - Silence.
    Curtains fall

    The plot of this play reminds of another one. A very famous one at that. Same genre. Same story. Only the heroine of the play has changed according to the younger tastes of the perpetrators. A fresh face to satisfy the lust of the public. A fresh name because the crowd needs new drama. Nirbhaya out. Asifa in.

    The ebb and flow of our voices gets muffled over time. Our euphoria dies down. The anger simmers to a mild tension. The play ends and all returns to normal. Everyone goes on with their lives while the perpetrators search for a new heroine to crucify so that the stage can be set again.

    How many more heroines do we need to sacrifice before we realize the futility of a fickle uprising. Candle marches are lead throughout the nation in silence and mourning to pray for peace for the departed soul. Did anyone care to wonder if asifa wanted silence? Nirbhaya received the same gifts which she threw out in disgust. And yet again, as if to ridicule her memory, we console asifa with a sputtering candle and a teetering march ?

    We do not deserve peace. Atleast not until each one of our daughters is safe. We need to sustain our anger; fuel our rage and direct it. Direct it towards the inhumans who feel neither shame nor empathy.