• wingedwolf 9w

    Lullaby by loved ones

    Like a raging sea with roaring tides,
    Our time stumbled us like dried autumn leaves...
    Like a cold breeze with sweet scents,
    The same time entwined our zeros like infinities ...

    As I fill you..feel you..fell for you,
    Like a dried leaf in summer
    I got scared to get stumbled again,
    Will my heart get loved too..?

    But YOU... you're like a cold spring breeze,
    lifting me high like I'm dreaming in sky ...
    gently with your hands,
    carried my frozen heart,
    And caged it in your heavenly love...

    It's a teny tiny fragment of time, we've been us
    But within these limits,
    till now and since,
    from here to end ...
    You gave me your limitless you to my infinite space,
    Now I feel like hearing my mom's lullaby in her lap, but when I open my eyes, I see you ....!