• introvert_insight 31w

    The boy who loved.

    Dear Bacha,
    I don't care, no I don't.
    I won't care, no I won't.
    Yes i changed, yes I did,
    Yes I understand, I'm not a kid.

    No, not only you have problems,
    Yes, I have them too.
    I chose to share,
    But you chose to leave me despair.

    It's okay? It's okay to shed tears.
    Behind the smile, there's a big fear.
    I was available to you, every fucking moment,
    What was it, that made me a moment.

    You go. Far away, with whom you are happy,
    Seeing you happy, I'll smile,
    I don't care, far from how many miles.
    I gave the best in me,
    I tried to make you glee.
    I cried every night, just to see you smile,
    Good; it would've been, had you thought of me for a while.

    I don't know, why do you do so,
    I explained not to, a while ago.
    I won't now.
    Sorry, I bow.
    Your life can no longer be mine.
    I tried to, but nothing went fine.

    I don't know about you, but I care,
    God, life didn't treat me fair.
    It's ok, you wanted it to end your way,
    I agree, to whatever you say.
    He jumped.
    © Saksham Srivastav