• sunatos 5w

    Heaven or Sky?

    If youre given a chance to choose
    Whether to love her or let her go
    What would it be?
    But hear me out before you choose

    If you choose to let her go
    Ask yourself. Would it make her happy?
    Or does she really wanted to be free?
    Maybe she did want you to stay
    And see her through all the way
    For a girl sometimes wants to be fought
    They demand you to keep them in thought
    Even if she act like she doesn't need you
    Sometimes it just a que
    That when she say "just leave me be"
    She's actually telling you "keep fighting for me"

    Now, if you choose to love her
    And forget the warning
    That such early love won't be everlasting
    That everything might turn into failure
    And the said love was just lust after all
    And that maybe choosing to love her
    Is just a selfish act out of fear
    That you'll be left behind
    If you don't keep your find
    Now I want you to choose wisely
    For both road might look dearly
    And once you take the wrong pick
    It'll hunt you down, till your sick
    And if you don't choose now what's right
    Regret might push you to surrender the fight