• thorne 5w

    I'm Sorry

    A mountain of sorrow
    Regret pierces like an arrow
    An ocean of mistakes
    Everything I touch soon breaks

    How stupid can I be?
    How egoistic can I get?
    To let my pride get over my head
    It all seems to be hanging by a thread

    When will I learn
    That I hurt the people I cherish most
    Such idiotic actions
    The end of my relationships draw close

    I'm sorry
    For everything that I've done
    For all the wrong I did
    They cannot be undone

    I've said I'd change a million times
    But always end in an indifferent outcome
    It always ends up the same
    It never ends like a worthless game

    I'm sorry
    I'm so sorry
    I can't change even if I tried
    Now it all sounds like I lied

    I'm sorry
    For the thousandth time
    To another line
    I'm sorry