• s_i_m_u_n 5w


    Your deceiving dimples drives me crazy,
    They gleam and glow although its hazy!
    It is an efflugent trait you possess!
    It's too adorable to pretermit its address.

    The clift in your chin.
    Adds up to the friskiness and trait's kin!
    In sooth, I never wanna get my hands off it!
    Although you keep shouting, "stop it!".

    Those downy and permed hair,
    Descending down the fron through layer.
    They are voluptuous and perfectly bouffant.
    I do try to stop playing with them, though I can't!

    The glare of your eye,
    Glistening like a star in the sky!
    Never fails to enrapture me,
    Its evermore beautous over anything could ever be!

    Your distilled and dulcet voice,
    Overpowering the awful noise!
    Which can rejuvenate even the deepest thought ..
    It enchants me, and that's something I've always sought!

    Every feature you possess emanates winsome vibe!
    You're embellished with innumerable traits, I would love to describe! ☆