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    @utsavi_tripathi @hittu_19
    Boys get cheated on
    Boys get used for sex
    Boys get lead on
    Boys get hurt
    Boys get heartbroken
    Boys are self conscious
    Boys get bullied
    Boys get called fat
    Boys get called ugly
    Boys get judged
    Boys get hit/abused by girls
    Boys feel alone
    Boys suffer with depression
    Boys cry themselves to sleep
    Boys self harm
    Boys get eating disorders
    Boys get suicidal
    Boys commit suicide
    Boys feel pain
    It's NOT just girls that go through a hard time,
    it's boys too. People need to start realizing

    .... (17yr old)
    I won't mention your name but thank you for sharing
    your story of pain and determination. Your words
    should be heard that's why I'm sharing what you've
    written. Suffering doesn't discriminate between boys,
    girls, men, women or transgenders but what we
    become after all what we go through defines us who
    we are. Wish we could make this world a better place
    for all! Wish we were able to think before we speak or
    type! Wish we knew the difference between a human
    being and being human!
    My prayers are with you always! Don't let this pain dim
    your light. May you shine brighter and may you get the
    best of everything in all worlds!
    Muniba .mazari

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