• jormii 5w


    Deceive by tricks, the shadow sinister,
    Master of illusion, Loki the trickster,
    Guardian of Midgard, slithering in the water,
    Destroyer of Gods, Serpent Jormungandr,
    Collector of souls, all kinds and ages,
    King of the Underworld, Necromancer Hades,
    Wielder of chains, torturer of memories,
    The God of War, Merciless Ares,
    Soul snatcher of living, Hound of 3 heads,
    Guardian of the Underworld, Ferocious Cerberus,
    Harvester of Life, bringing life for eternity,
    Queen of the Underworld, Goddess Persephone,
    Lurker of minds, Roaming in and through,
    The God Of Dreams, Nightmare Cthulhu.