• udit94 10w

    "Oops my bad
    I'm melancholy
    And you?" she asked

    "I'm happiness! "

    *Loud music*
    "I'm leaving" she said.

    He gestured that he can't hear her.
    She gestured back to walk out.

    *After walking a mile or so, she broke the silence*

    "Thank god we walked out else I would have lost my hearing power..
    By the way,
    Any reason for leaving such a GREAT party?
    You came to help me reach my apartment?"

    "To accompany such a wonderful lady of course.
    I guess people don't help each other like I'm doing..
    Do they?
    I think
    They just do what pleases them the most..
    Do you think someone would do even a single thing to make anyone happy?"

    "Some people do care for others Mr. Happiness.
    Like I, for instance,
    I came two blocks ahead of my apartment and yet I am still walking with you "
    (And she smiled)

    "Hey you should have told me....
    And about the not helping others part, I mean to say everyone isn't the same."
    (he smiled nervously)

    "Are you sure about your name though?
    Happiness is it!!??
    I can't actually feel that." she teased him a little.

    "Haven't you noticed yourself for the past half an hour?
    Your smile!!
    Do you usually carry this smile around on your face.. "


    "Ooooooooo(mocking her)... Happiness (pointing towards himself)
    What's so melancholic about you anyway? You're such a cheerful lady to be with.."

    "Have YOU noticed yourself? You've been sulking around me like a 3 year old girl.."


    "Exactly, oooooooooooo.
    Isn't it?
    By the way, a totally unrelated question - how many of those smiles you keep for yourself?


    Life is not a giveaway meal
    *He tries to avoid eye contact*
    And tell me why would a guy like you came to a bar?"

    "What do you mean a guy like me?"

    "Do I need to explain it to you Mr. Orange juice?!"

    "Ahh! I smell sarcasm....
    I was going to a club at first then Ed Sheeran stopped me and said
    Club isn't the best place to find love
    So the bar is where I go.

    "Oh god, do it again and you'll walk home alone..."

    "Oooooo" he suddenly exclaimed.

    "Now what?" She asked.

    "Now I understand why you we came two blocks ahead..
    Maybe you don't want me to know where your apartment is that's why we came two blocks ahead.."

    "Where did this come from??
    I'm not gonna argue with this logic.
    yeah that's what it is..
    Who can argue with that..!!
    Ok, so I'm going..
    Don't look back ok!?
    I will walk myself to my apartment..."

    "Ok, bye have a good night.. hope to meet you soon.."

    "God! Are you insane..?? (furiously)
    Did you just leave a drunk girl in the middle of the road and told her to walk home on her own??
    You've got some serious problem.
    Go see a psychiatrist..

    *A pause*
    after dropping me off at home.."
    (Both of them smiled)

    "So it's settled, I'm dropping you off at home."

    "No, my lawyer will come to you and ask you legally to drop me..."

    ( :
    " .."

    " ...)