• broken_ribs 10w

    3 : 0 3. A M

    Bishal sen
    You are online i see.. Guess what he is too
    I guess you two are exchanging smiles
    Maybe he is calling you his princess
    And you , your baby boo
    Is he telling you how much he loves you?
    Like i did every night .
    Is he making you his world and asking you to be
    His queen .
    Or is he just being a guy with whom you can be.
    You couldn't with me .
    Is he telling you about his temptations?
    Is he telling you how close he wants to be ?
    I didn't want to open your chatbox okay ,
    But i did and i saw you online .
    Yes * laughs * come on he is your boyfriend.
    It's just , i can't sleep anymore because i miss you . ..
    It's 3 :03 AM and i remember how the nights were
    When i was with you