• vaarunimahe 9w

    Those walls which listened to my conversations
    And the pictures that spoke in despair
    That mirror which embraced our togetherness
    Those bookshelves and my favourite novels
    The drawers still reminisce about my hidden snacks
    The photo frames of our beloved dog
    The diary that had our subtle poetries
    And the stuff toys today have no more a best friend
    The chair and the table which was a motivation for studying
    And the bed which was my happy place for fairytales
    Those cupboards are still not empty yet
    And my piggy bank may have a coin
    The clock is ticking since that day
    When I left my abode
    But when I returned home
    I found these memories hidden inside my heart
    Nothing was left , it was devastated and broken
    And all those evocations drowned some where
    My soul could only portray these expressions in the form of tears
    Where destruction had the power but words felt numb.
    For it was not just a cemented homestead , it had my breath.