• hardikzen 51w

    '' You Are The Story I Can't Tell ''

    There's no pain like heartbreak. I remember the day so clearly that I could create it in the palm of my hand.
    The day I met you first time, You told me that you are already for someone, You looked in my eyes and said it was over and my entire body shrooked. The light I saw in you become void they go lost in. A shiver cold as Delhi winter tore through my spine, down into the knees, out of my toes. My hand gambled like glass on a shook table and the air in my lungs grew heavy as smoke. Lastly was the Heart, it didn't break like it seem. It tores gradually as your eyes left mine, it was like a burning sensation in the heart which I'm unable to describe. That was the day I totally broked and seems never to repair again.